Are You Starting To Have Major Car Trouble?


Coolant Being Poured Into Engine

Taking Care Of Your Vehicle Is The Key To Keeping It Running.

Car trouble is one of the most frustrating problems that you can have throughout your daily life. You depend on your vehicle to stay working at all times and when it doesn’t it can throw your whole life off. Knowing what the signs of car trouble are before it gets beyond help is a good starting point that will help you make sure that you are the safest on the road and not getting struck stranded. We are here to help you when you need it and will always be upfront with you. We can’t service your Ford 10-speed automatic transmission, but we can direct you to someone who can. The signs below are something to pay attention to so that you can get your car repaired right away if you notice these.

Signs Your Vehicle Is Failing

Noises – Noises coming from your car are never a good thing. If you start to hear clunking or clicking that isn’t what you would normally hear when driving your vehicle, get it checked out.

Car Won’t Start – Obviously, if you have reached this point something is probably really wrong. Hopefully, it is just a dead battery because that is a quick fix, but sometimes it spells a worse situation.

Check Engine Light – When your check engine light comes on, take it seriously. It has come on for a reason and it is warning you that something is wrong.

Constant Revving – Does your car rev even when it is sitting at a stop light or in neutral? That is not supposed to happen and will need to be looked at.

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