BMW Check Engine Light

The check engine light in your BMW, and in any car, is made to warn you of an impending issue with related to your engine, or that could cause engine trouble. Of course, any car owner knows that these lights are often sensitive, and when you have them checked sometimes, there is nothing seriously wrong with your engine or car. That does not mean that you should ever ignore your BMW check engine light. When your car’s engine light comes on, don’t hesitate to come to your BMW specialists at K3S Auto Repair. Just call us at (817) 554-3183, or book an appointment online, and let us take care of your car when your BMW check engine light turns on in Dallas, TX.

Common Reasons for BMW Check Engine Light Services

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Don’t Ignore BMW Check Engine Light.

There are some very common reasons that your check engine light may turn on. It may seem as though the reasons are usually not serious, they can be. They can range from a simple loose gas cap, to catalytic converter problem. The problems can just as easily be serious as they can be insignificant, which is why you should never bet on the latter.

If your gas cap is loose, it may trigger your engine light. It does this because it reads the loose cap as a leak in the evaporative emissions system. In most cases, this isn’t a major problem; if you see your check engine light come on, it’s one of the details you can check yourself and see if you can fix the problem. If your catalytic converter is the problem, however, it can affect your exhaust gases, your gas mileage, and more. Maintaining your BMW’s service schedule should prevent any issues with your converter, but problem parts like a faulty oxygen sensor can cause converter issues, and they’re not problems to be taken lightly.

Your engine light will also warn you of a head gasket issue. If you blow your head gasket, you might experience an overheated engine, smoke from the exhaust, low coolant and oil levels, and more very serious problems. The symptoms of a blown gasket may differ depending upon the situation, but overall, they are serious, and are reasons why, if your BMW engine light turns on, you don’t want to ignore it.

Don’t Ignore a Glowing Check Engine Light

These are just a few of the potential problems your BMW check engine light could indicate. Don’t take the risk involved in ignoring the sign. Call K3S Auto Repair at (817) 554-3183 and let our auto repair specialists handle your check engine light issues in Dallas, TX.