Jeep Alignment

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Since Jeeps Are Offroading Vehicles, They Frequently Get Out of Alignment

It is easy for Jeeps to become misaligned thanks to their offroading tendencies. Misalignment is when the suspension in the undercarriage of the car that supports the tires becomes stretched and worn from constant battering, causing the wheels to become off kilter and unbalanced. Realigning tires simply means correcting these angles and positioning the suspension and tires back into their straight measurements. If your car is feeling unbalanced, bring it in for Jeep alignment in Dallas, TX. The auto repair professionals at K3S Auto Repair will be happy to set up an appointment when you call us at (817) 554-3183.

How To Know When You Need Jeep Alignment

It can be hard to tell if you need wheel alignment since many of the warning signs are the same as suspension issues. Both deal with the underside of the car, but Jeep alignment deals specifically with the tires. Some telltale signs are:

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Our Jeep Alignment Experts Can Get Your Wheels Rotated and Realigned Properly

  • Uneven tire tread, where some tires are more worn than others. This can also produce squealing tires when you brake because there is not enough rubber on some tires anymore to provide traction and support.
  • Your steering wheel vibrates or isn’t centered but you are driving straight
  • You are feeling like your car is drifting to one side even though it seems like you are driving straight
  • Low tire pressure can be an indicator of tire misalignment, as some tires are being worn down quicker than others, causing them to lose pressure faster.

Jeep Alignment Experts

Not getting your tires aligned can lead to dangerous situations like flat tires or even the chance of your car rolling over. Getting your tires rotated helps to not only balance the tire tread on all tires to prevent uneven wear, but can help you spot if they have become misaligned. Most auto shops will perform tire rotation for a small additional fee whenever you go in to get an oil change or your car inspected. We recommend highly getting this service done as it is an easy way to find out if your car was misaligned and to right the problem. If you have any questions about Jeep alignment in Dallas, TX, call K3S Auto Repair at (817) 554-3183 today.