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We Provide Replacement, Repair, and Rebuilding Services For Jeep Transmission Parts

Jeeps are known as the SUV used for long drives in unexplored areas. Its commercials are filled with woods and trails, calling to the inner wanderlust of those who want to get out and travel the road less explored. In fact, that is even the slogan of the company! With all adventures, your car is bound to need maintenance. One area that might see the most wear and tear is the transmission, as you are constantly having to shift gears as you switch terrains and speeds. Whether you have an all-terrain Jeep Wrangler or a sleek and urban SUV like the Jeep Cherokee, we here at K3S Auto Repair are Jeep experts. If you need Jeep transmission replacement, rebuilding, or repairs in Dallas, TX, call us today at (817) 554-3183.

Professional Jeep Transmission Services

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Jeeps Are All Terrain Vehicles, So Their Transmissions and Gearshifts Wear Down Faster From Constant Use

Most cars these days are automatic, so shifting gears is not needed like it once was with cars that had manual transmissions. The way you can tell your transmission is working is when you hear the roar of your engine getting louder as you press on the gas or watch as your RPM meter increases. If you do have a car with a manual gear shift, you know that you have to reposition and shift the gear every time you increase or decrease your speed by around 20-30 mph.

Most of the time, all a car will need is check ups on the transmission fluid and a refill and be good to go. Even with oil in your car, transmission fluid needs to be changed around 100,000 miles. If you start to feel vibrations, hear grinding noises when trying to shift gears, or are struggling to change gears, bring your Jeep in for transmission repair immediately. If you notice that it takes more than 2 seconds for your car to shift gears, you need to have your Jeep transmission inspected. Not only is driving with a failing transmission dangerous should it completely fail and you are not able to stop, but the more time it is left unrepaired, the more damage is done to your jeep.

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Knowing your car well can help you notice any minor signs of trouble so you can stop them becoming costly large issues. Knowing how your car feels when it drives and the gears are shifting can help you identify when something is amiss. Practicing good driving habits and not putting excess strain on your gears will help your car to remain in top condition longer. For any questions on Jeep transmission repair or replacement in Dallas, TX, call (817) 554-3183 today to schedule an appointment with the experts at K3S Auto Repair.