Nissan Oil Leak Repair Service

Nissan Oil Leak Repair

Get Professional Nissan Oil Leak Repair Today.

If you’ve noticed that your Nissan is leaking some type of liquid, the first initial reaction is to be concerned. While finding puddles or oily stains can be stressful, taking your car into a professional is vital in order to address the problem immediately. At K3S Auto Repair, we are experts in all Nissan service, so if your Nissan is leaking and you need immediate Nissan oil leak repair in Dallas, TX, you can rely on our professional auto mechanics. We provide thorough inspections that are able to locate the problem; from there we can make the required repairs or replace any parts that are damaged. Give our auto repair shop a call today at (817) 554-3183 for quality Nissan service you can count on.

Causes of an Oil Leak

There are a few reasons why your Nissan might be leaking oil, all of them ranging from minor to major issues.

  • AC Condensation: Having clear AC condensation is pretty normal and is nothing to be too concerned about.
  • Brake Fluid: Green, blue, or brown, having a brake fluid leak should be looked at immediately, as the brake fluid sustains hydraulic pressure.
  • Antifreeze or Coolant: Antifreeze or coolant leaks can be minor or severe depending on a damaged hose or water pump.
  • Power Steering: Have you noticed leaking towards the front of your car as well as a high-pitched squeal when you turn your steering wheel? Get your power steering checked for leaks.
  • Transmission Fluid: A gasket or a seal may be leaking, which can cause the transmission fluid to leak towards the center of your car.

No matter where the leak is, it’s important to get Nissan oil leak repair in Dallas, TX through K3S Auto Repair. With our inspections, we can locate and determine where the leak is and why there is a leak.

Get Nissan Oil Leak Repair Today

Call our knowledgeable and skilled auto mechanics today at (817) 554-3183 to make an appointment for Nissan oil leak repair in Dallas, TX. Our team wants nothing more than your Nissan to perform the way that it should, offering high-quality performance that you can depend on. Don’t wait until an oil leak necessitates a part replacement, we can help get your Nissan back in incredible shape.