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Are You Starting To Have Major Car Trouble?


Coolant Being Poured Into Engine

Taking Care Of Your Vehicle Is The Key To Keeping It Running.

Car trouble is one of the most frustrating problems that you can have throughout your daily life. You depend on your vehicle to stay working at all times and when it doesn’t it can throw your whole life off. Knowing what the signs of car trouble are before it gets beyond help is a good starting point that will help you make sure that you are the safest on the road and not getting struck stranded. We are here to help you when you need it and will always be upfront with you. We can’t service your Ford 10-speed automatic transmission, but we can direct you to someone who can. The signs below are something to pay attention to so that you can get your car repaired right away if you notice these.

Signs Your Vehicle Is Failing

Noises – Noises coming from your car are never a good thing. If you start to hear clunking or clicking that isn’t what you would normally hear when driving your vehicle, get it checked out.

Car Won’t Start – Obviously, if you have reached this point something is probably really wrong. Hopefully, it is just a dead battery because that is a quick fix, but sometimes it spells a worse situation.

Check Engine Light – When your check engine light comes on, take it seriously. It has come on for a reason and it is warning you that something is wrong.

Constant Revving – Does your car rev even when it is sitting at a stop light or in neutral? That is not supposed to happen and will need to be looked at.

If you are having car trouble or need a brake repair in Dallas, TX, call us at (817) 554-3183 and let the professionals at K3S Auto Repair, help you.

Cell Phone Support and the No Texting and Driving Law

Cell Phone Support

Try Using a Hands Off Device For Better Alertness and Cell Phone Support While You Drive.

We’re all coming up on the one year anniversary of the Texas No Texting While Driving Law. You might feel a little safer on the road; you may be missing the warm touch of your iPhone. Or maybe you just completely ignored the law (hopefully not). Whatever your reaction to the state law, we’ve got some useful tips to help you (safely) get the most out of your in-vehicle cell phone use. First, we’ll start with a few ground rules…

Is Texting While Driving Illegal?

If you are among the many Texas drivers who didn’t even learn about the no texting while driving legislation until halfway through 2018, you needn’t feel ashamed. Yes; reading, sending, and writing “electronic messages” while driving is illegal. If you are pulled over for texting, you could face a nasty fine, and repeat offenders could see even steeper penalties. Under 18 drivers can’t even use their cell phones for calls while they drive on the road (excluding emergencies).

Naturally, there are a few caveats to this rule, such as…

  • Drivers can still use phones to call.
  • Phone GPS systems are still allowed.
  • Drivers can text during emergencies.

Bypassing the Law (Safely)

No, we’re not going to tell you to ignore the law. That is a bad ideaWe love cell phones. We love driver safety. So why not have both?

One way we suggest getting better functionality from your cellphone playing it smart with the law is investing in hands-free accessories, such as an ear piece. If you have an Apple Watch or another smart watch, you can take advantage of their call taking capabilities. Speaking of keeping hands off, try arranging your music playlist before you start on the road. 

Another problem that many drivers don’t even consider is bad signal strength. If weak signal issues have you constantly picking your phone up to redial a lost call, consider installing SureCall signal boosters in your vehicles. These and other similar devices can boost signal reception from far away towers so that you aren’t losing calls on the road nearly as often. 

Schedule Your Regular Car Maintenance!

These safety habits and cell phone support devices will help you stay safer on the road! Meanwhile, if your vehicle is in need of regular car maintenance, our team at K3S Auto Repair would be happy to serve you. Schedule your appointment at (817) 554-3183 and let us ensure your vehicle is operating at optimum performance!

2019 Mercedes Benz CLS 450

If you are a gear head, get excited about the new details of the 2019 Mercedes Benz CLS 450! With cool features like triangle headlights, lane change guidance, and ambient lighting, Mercedes Benz has rolled out all the luxuries for its newest model. The first ever CLS coupe model to have 4 doors instead of two, this car is straddling the line between a coupe and Mercedes Benz’s other popular line of models, the sedans. Being called a hybrid for its small usage of electricity to power the engine to conserve gas, the 2019 Mercedes Benz CLS450 could be called a hybrid in the way that it is breaking tradition and combining coupe and sedan styles. Here at K3S Auto Repair, we repair and install cars like the 2019 Mercedes Benz CLS in Dallas, TX. Give us a call today at (817) 554-3183.

When Will The CLS 450 Be Released?

K3S Mercedes Silver Sport

The 2019 Mercedes Benz Can Go From 0-60 MPH In 5 Seconds

After being revealed in the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2017, no official release date has been set for the 2019 Mercedes Benz CLS besides a general catch-all 2019 release proclamation. Test drives have started to be offered to journalists for reviews in late July, so an early 2019 release date could be possible. Some journalists have stated that they found the driver aids in the 2019 Mercedes Benz CLS clunky and unpredictable. While they are optional and can be turned off, Mercedes Benz could push back the release date if enough reviewers find fault with the driving aids and the car manufacturer feels it needs to do a redesign.

What Is The Price?

2019 Mercedes Benz CLS Class coupes start at around $75,000, so the 450 model should be around that price or more. There are some reports that it could go up to $100,000. The 2019 Mercedes Benz CLS has some hybrid qualities that help bring the mpg to around 22. But the real selling point is the 0-60 mph speed it can reach in 5 seconds. This innovative technique could raise the price of the 2019 Mercedes Benz CLS model.

Mercedes Auto Repair Service

Your Mercedes Benz is in good hands when you bring it into the mechanics at K3S Auto Repair for repairs. We are experts at repairs, replacements, and installations of cars and will treat your car with delicate precision. Whether you are bringing in a 2019 Mercedes Benz CLS or a 1999 Honda sedan, we will happily and expertly repair your car in the Dallas, TX area. Call K3S Auto Repair at (817) 554-3183 today to learn more about our services.

3 Pro Tips for Knowing When to Replace Aging Tires

Replace Aging Tires

Worn Treads are Just One of Several Things to Look for in Your Tires.

Safe tires can be the difference between a pleasant weekend road trip and a frustrating crisis on the side of the road. The trick is knowing when to replace aging tires and when to let them be. Here are three professional tips to let you know when to spring for a new tire.

Pro Tip #1: Make Sure Your Tires Aren’t Expired

This is one of the most important facts about your tires (that too many drivers aren’t familiar with): your tires can expire long before you wear them out. You might be thinking “big deal”, and you’d be right. It is a big deal. Once tires reach their expiration date, they are much more likely to fail, even if the used tire company tells you they’re barely used. Always know the dates on your tires.

Pro Tip #2: Take a Look at the Sidewalls

You’ve probably been told time after time to check the threads on your tires, but how often do you check the sidewalls? Next time you make a pit stop, examine your wheels for sizable crack or ridges in the sidewall. If you spot these or large bulges in the tire, you tires could be in danger of failing.

Pro Tip #3: Examine the Treads

It’s a tale as old as time: tire treading gets worn down with use and diminishes maneuvering capability. While many drivers know to check their treads on occasion, it’s easy to forget. Take advantage of the classic penny test or (for newer tires) look for bar indicators along the edges of your treads. You know what to do if the treading is too worn down.

For more information about your when to replace aging tires, or to schedule an appointment for your auto service, give our team a call at (817) 554-3183!

Why Oil Changes Are Important

Taking the best care of your car is one of the most important things you can do, especially when you drive a luxury car. When you put so much money into something, you should want to take the best care of it right? One of the ways that you can do that is to make sure that your oil is always changed when it should be. By not getting this changed, you are setting your car up to fail as soon as it runs out of oil. It can be a pain to go have not changed, but if you love your car and want to see it run as long as possible, it is important that you do the maintenance that is required.

Why You Need An Oil Change

The parts in your engine are always at work. Every time you start your car, it gets hot and the parts begin to do their job. The problem is that when you do not properly lubricate your engine and give it the oil and chemicals it needs, those parts are not going to be able to move as well and eventually they will stop working altogether.

Getting this changed regularly also makes you have better gas mileage. When you take care of your car, your car will take care of you.

There are so many additional reasons that it is important to have your oil changed, but when you need someone who can take the best care for your luxury car, call (817) 554-3183 and let the pros at K3S Auto Repair handle it.

Where To Get Your Luxury Car Serviced


Servicing a luxury car can be a little different than servicing a less expensive car. You count on the fact that if you pay a lot of money for a car, that it will be taken care of properly. That, however, is not always the case. If you have a car like a BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche, you should consider going to a shop that specializes in these types of car. You have paid a lot for these vehicles and in that, you want them to be taken care of by people that typically work on these types of cars as well. Just like you wouldn’t want to go to a foot doctor about a heart problem, you want to take your car to professionals that work specifically with these brands.



Knowledge – When you choose a car repair shop that deals specifically with the brand of vehicle that you drive, they will better answer any questions that you have and be able to provide you with the proper knowledge that they have years of experience in.

Love of Cars – Typically, the people that work at these kinds of shops are there for a reason, because they love these types of cars. This is great and works in your favor because they will take good care and quality when it comes to your vehicle.

With so many different types of care out there, it is important that you find the place that will take care of your the best. When you need a luxury car repair, call K3S Auto Repair at (817) 554-3183 and let us help you.

Behind the Wheel of a Luxury Vehicle

We the term a lot- luxury vehicle. But, what really constitutes a luxury vehicle? What exactly does it have to have to earn this prestigious title? Following, we take a look at what makes a luxury vehicle, and, of course, what doesn’t.

Luxury Vehicles Provide an Unmatched Experience of Comfort, Agility, and Safety.

Unmatched Exterior

First noticed on a luxury vehicle is the acute lines and shapes that make up the exterior. These design factors are utilized by the best in the business to create a one-of-a-kind appearance that’s both aesthetically pleasing and exciting. The mechanics of a luxury vehicle leave nothing to be desired either. While many luxury vehicles are produced on the same assembly line as standard versions, they possess upgraded systems and components that allow for easier handling, better control, and a safer experience. From a superior suspension system for maximum control to upgrade air and fuel intake systems for optimal power, the engines were made to outrun and outlast most other brands.

Interior Comfort

The idea behind the interior of a luxury vehicle is comfort like never before. Luxury vehicles take the comfort of a typical auto and bring a step further. While standard vehicles may come with leather seats, a luxury model will showcase ventilation air conditioned and heated plush leather seating.

The upgraded suspension allows complete elimination of bumps and uncomfortable rides in a luxury vehicle by offering boosted give and flexibility.

Entertainment systems are upgraded in luxury models as well. For instance, a typical SUV may come equipped with a hyper bass audio system that is compatible with the built-in video screen, but a luxury model SUV will be equipped with a surround sound with up to 20 speakers. This surround sound system can include high-end amplifiers and equalizers to create optimal sound throughout the vehicle. Upgraded air filtration and intake systems allow for a more comfortable, cooler ride while enhanced trim, carpeting, and ceiling material create a superior atmosphere.


The Luxury Experience

For many, the experience of buying a luxury vehicle is enough to keep them coming back. Luxury sales associates are seasoned and knowledgeable for the most part, and can not only deliver details about the vehicle but can accurately compare different models. The dealership atmosphere is typically relaxed and accommodating and includes beverages and snacks.

Without a doubt, the best aspect of a luxury vehicle is the whole package. It’s not just one or two small conveniences that are added for comfort, but an entire vehicle designed for comfort and class. Learn more about the benefits of owning a luxury vehicle or how the K3S Auto Repair experts can keep your current luxury auto in optimal condition by calling our certified technicians at (817) 554-3183.

Why K3S Is the Best Auto Repair Shop in Dallas, TX?

Photo of K3s auto repair shop

Our Auto Repair Shop Provides Quality, Tailored Service For Your Luxury Vehicle.

If you are looking for an auto repair shop in Dallas, TX, you might want to settle with nothing but the best in the field for you to get topnotch services that you and your vehicle needs to have optimum performance. K3S is considered as the finest in the world of auto repair shops in Dallas, TX and that is for some good reasons.

Below are the reasons why K3S is the best auto repair shop you’ll ever find in Dallas, TX:

  • Guaranteed Service

K3S is an auto repair shop on quality customer service and integrity. As experts in the field, they understand that they are not only servicing your vehicle but also they are serving people. This is what they like their clients to feel once they bring their vehicles. What makes them exceptional is that they offer two years or 24000 miles warranty as a service guarantee.

  • Topnotch Engine Diagnostics

K3S is the best for the reason that it’s the only maintenance and repair specialist in Dallas, TX. Once you choose them to do the repairs and maintenance for you, expect that your vehicle will reach its peak performance. K3S considers preventative maintenance services as the key to high performance of your vehicle. Their team of technicians will create a service plan that will keep you 2 steps ahead of any of your repair requirements. Unlike others, K3S is committed to preserving the optimal performance of your vehicle. Therefore, regardless if you’re on a road trip, driving to work daily or you are racing on tracks, your vehicle will always be at its finest.

  • Uses World Class Equipment and Tools

The main goal of K3S is to keep everyone on the road enjoying travel. It uses world class tools and equipment to keep your vehicle in premium condition. If you’re worried about your budget, there’s nothing you should worry about as K3S is an independent shop that offers only reasonable rates for your maintenance and repair needs. This just means that they only protect your vehicle’s performance, but also they protect your money as well. K3S also consider clients as their priority. For this reason, they respect your vehicle, budget, and time. You will always get only the truth and right services to resolve all your concerns.

  • Extremely Reliable

K3S knows you bought a vehicle to enjoy a great driving experience and that is exactly what they give you once you encounter some issues. Never let the normal wear and tear keep your vehicle in the garage. Your high-end car was designed to be always in the fast lane. This is the reason why the experts of K3S create a routine maintenance schedule that is suited perfectly for your vehicle needs.

With K3S, you will only get the best quality auto workmanship and parts for all services including transmission repair, engine repair, oil changes, and so on. Call K3S now at (817) 554-3183, set an appointment as soon as possible, and know why K3S is the best auto repair shop you can rely on in Dallas, TX.

K3S Motorsports

Photo of Porsche k3s motorsports

K3S Motorsports Is the Shop for Your Luxury Auto Service Needs.

You have finally bought the car of your dreams, and you can’t help but pat yourself on the back for such another great achievement. However, with car ownership comes a great responsibility. This is where it becomes important to find a reliable repair shop that can provide all of your auto maintenance and repair needs. In Dallas, TX, K3S Motorsports has managed to win the hearts of many average car owners for a lot of good reasons.

In-Depth Knowledge

One of the things that make K3S Motorsports stand out is the fact that they have in-depth knowledge when it comes to all kinds of vehicles, as well as vehicle repair or maintenance situations, not only the specific models and makes that dealerships carry. The moment you visit to know the reason why your car is making some weird noises, the expert mechanics will quickly proceed to work and inspecting your vehicle to find the potential suspect. This will help you save more money in terms of both long-term and diagnostic repair bills.

Experienced Mechanics

K3S Motorsports takes pride in their years of auto mechanic repairs to ensure that only certified and licensed professionals will be handling your car, and they will do it with utmost care as if it is their own. On top of that, they also make sure that all mechanics undergo continuous training and education so that they can keep up to date with the latest technologies and innovations in the automotive industry.

Personalized Service

K3S Motorsports has the corner when it comes to offering their clients with an individualized and personalized service. They make it a point that they know everything there is to know about you and your car to ensure that the service you will receive has been specially tailor-made to suit you, your needs, your requirements, and of course, your budget. In this fast-paced and modern world, you can pretty much consider yourself lucky if you can ever find an auto repair shop which focuses on personalized service with an extra touch.

Genuine Care and Dedication to Serve

If you ever need some leeway, such as the shop staying open a bit later so that you can have the time to drop off or pick up your vehicle, K3S Motorsports will surely make it possible, and it is guaranteed that you will be talking to a live person when you call in to make the request. Amidst all of today’s technological innovations where you can simply point and click to get the products you need and services you want, there is still some level of assurance and comfort when you call your auto repair shop and talk to an actual representative instead of being left to listen to machines.


Finally, K3S Motorsports understands that it is not a cheap feat to own a car. This is why they make it a point that their services are priced right and just accordingly to ensure that all their average consumers can take advantage of quality services without breaking the bank.

At the end of the day, there is nothing better than being able to get the services you need in the most professional manner at a price you can afford. Choose K3S Motorsports and experience the difference they can make. Call (817) 554-3183 today!

Basic Auto Maintenance for the Best Car

Your car is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. This is particularly true if you have invested in a high-quality make, like a Mercedes. You want your care to do more than last through the years; you want it to continue running as smoothly as the day you bought it. To do this, it needs that basic auto maintenance that many people put off or ignore.

Basic Auto Maintenance Saves Your Car

Motor Oil

Don’t Skip Basic Auto Maintenance and Bring Your Car to Us.

Basic auto maintenance is not the same thing as repairs. When you get your tires rotated regularly, that’s not repair. Having a tire replaced is a repair. Auto maintenance is what needs to be done every so often, no matter what happens, or doesn’t happen. Repairs are emergency situations, maintenance is like regular, ongoing treatment.

Yes, there are a few maintenance details that might be more important than others. However, not all mechanics agree on what are the most important. Rather, it’s best just to make your list of important, ongoing maintenance with your mechanic, and stick to it.

Get that oil changed as regularly as necessary, even if you haven’t driven your car much. Check your tire pressure often, and have your tires rotated each time you’re in the shop. It’s not always easy to find time to visit the auto shop when you’re a hardworking person. So, schedule those visits well in advance to give yourself time to add them to your own schedule.

All this may seem like a lot to do sometimes, but it’s worth it to keep your car in the best possible shape. Bring your Mercedes in to K3S Auto Repair for all your basic auto maintenance needs in Dallas, TX. Call (817) 554-3183 to make an appointment, or schedule your visit online.