BMW Oil Leak

Your BMW is a superior piece of machinery, and you probably love it and take excellent care of it. No matter how well you do this, however, as the years pass, you will come across details that need repairing. Your BMW engine, for example, is powerful and strong, but it needs care to last, like anything else. That means good clean oil, regular oil changes, and oil leak inspections. Hopefully, you take such good care of your car that any oil leak your BMW mechanic may find is barely noticeable because it was caught early. No matter what the situation, don’t entrust your baby to just any mechanic. Trust the BMW oil leak specialists at K3S Auto Repair with your car in Dallas, TX. Just call (817) 554-3183.

Bmw Oil Leak Repair

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Don’t Ignore a BMW Oil Leak. Come See Us Now.

If you have ever noticed wet spots under your car after you have parked it, you may have assumed that it’s condensation from your air conditioning. That is entirely possible. However, if you do see this, it’s a good idea to quickly check your oil levels, because this could also be an engine oil leak. Your BMW engine oil lubricates the parts in your engine so that they move smoothly, avoiding friction heat that causes your engine to stall. The damage caused by a lack of engine oil could be irreversible.

BMW Oil Leak Causes

There could be many possible reasons why your BMW has an oil leak. A damaged oil pan, badly-installed oil filter, missing or bad gasket, or damaged oil cooler line are just a few of the potential problems associated with oil leaks. Whatever the cause, never ignore an oil leak. Take your car into your trusted BMW mechanics and tell them your suspicions right away.

Professional Oil Leak Repair

There are some people with the knowledge and skills to tackle an oil leak at home; plenty of luxury car owners take pride in working on their own cars. However, that’s not the case for everyone, and there is no shame in that at all. Most people love their cars, but need help in caring for them, and that’s why we always recommend bringing your beloved BMW into K3S Auto Repair. Our BMW professionals have the best tools and know the best methods to repair that oil leak, and anything else that needs doing, and have your BMW back on the road, and in the best condition.

Whether you’re certain you have a BMW oil leak, or you’re just concerned that you might, it doesn’t matter. Bring your BMW into our shop and we’ll take care of it. Call (817) 554-3183 today and schedule your BMW service appointment in Dallas, TX.