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Your BMW is a superior piece of machinery. It is built for the best performance. Systems and parts like those in the suspension system are made for the ultimate driving experience. BMW suspension is a large part of what makes the car such an amazing vehicle, so making sure it gets the best possible service is essential. Highways are still rough on your car, even if it is such a quality make. Your BMW’s parts and suspension need the best care; the shocks, springs, bushings, and all details help maintain the comfort and longevity of your BMW. Consult our expert BMW mechanics when it comes to your car’s suspension. Call us at (817) 554-3183 and let us handle your BMW suspension services in Dallas, TX.

BMW Suspension Repair and Parts

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There are many parts to your BMW suspension. Your shocks are part of your suspension system, and they’re also an important part of keeping your ride comfortable. Shocks are what gives your car that slight bounce when you roll over the road. It is usually recommended that you replace them around 50k miles, or before if they start to wear down early.

Bushings are part of your front suspension. They should also be replaced around 50k miles, if not earlier. If you feel your steering wheel vibrate noticeably as you increase speed, you may need bushings or joints in your suspension system replaced. Your suspension must also be properly aligned. BMWs typically have excellent handling and suspension. However, those things will be affected if your alignment is off. With poor alignment, you will also experience more tire wear, less driving power, and less efficient fuel economy. If your car pulls to the side when you drive, have your BMW aligned immediately to save your suspension.

Suspension problems can be caused by a number of things, most of which are incidents that can happen at any time. Hitting potholes and bumps at high speeds is hard on your car and your suspension. It would take a very serious bump to severely damage your suspension, but enough hits over time will affect it. Sometimes even seemingly insignificant accidents can affect your BMW’s suspension.

Professional BMW Suspension Services

The best way to make sure your BMW suspension is in the best shape is to have it checked and repaired by BMW experts. Our BMW mechanics specialize in auto repair. We love BMWs, so bring yours in and let us handle your suspension repairs, and other BMW services in Dallas, TX. Call us at (817) 554-3183 or book your appointment online.