BMW Transmission

Your BMW transmission is an extremely important part of your car’s system. Fluid checks and replacements should be parts of your regular car maintenance schedule. If you suspect that your BMW has transmission problems, or any are discovered by your BMW mechanic, you should not ignore them. You need transmission repair immediately. Our BMW experts at K3S Auto Repair have what you need for BMW transmission repairs, upgrades, and even to rebuild your transmission. Just call (817) 554-3183 for your BMW transmission services in Dallas, TX.

BMW Transmission Repair

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Your BMW transmission is a complex system of moving parts. Transmission fluid lubricates those moving parts. When you drive your BMW, your transmission fluid breaks down over time and the filter becomes dirty. That’s why BMW and mechanics recommend replacing your transmission fluid after so many miles. Prior to the recommended replacements, your BMW mechanic will check your transmission, fluid, and filter as part of overall preventative maintenance. A visual inspection helps make sure that there are no unexpected transmission problems developing.

Though some recent BMW models offer lifetime transmission fluids, they still need to be checked and maintained; they are created to last 100k miles, but you may own your car longer than that. Plus, no system is perfect, and having your transmission checked is still part of good maintenance. As a BMW owner, you should be aware of the common signs of transmission problems. Strange sounds when you shift, like creaking and grinding, should move you to have your transmission inspected. Any strange vibrations or difficulty shifting are other signs that you may have transmission problems.

Professional Transmission Services for Your BMW

The most important thing for your BMW is that you get any potential transmission problem checked immediately. Then, if there is an issue, don’t wait to have it repaired by a BMW expert. Instead, come see our auto mechanics at K3S Auto Repair. Our auto professionals know BMWs, and they love working on them. They handle BMW transmission repairs, upgrades, and even rebuilding, and all other BMW-specific services in Dallas, TX. So, call us today at (817) 554-3183 to make an appointment, or make an appointment online.