Infiniti Alignment Service

Infiniti Alignment

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It can be frustrating when you are trying to steer one way but your Infiniti is pulling another way. This is a pretty common sign that your car has alignment issues and something that should be dealt with immediately. While alignment problems are very common for cars, it can greatly impact the performance of your car if not addressed as soon as possible. Typically, alignment checks are completed during your Infiniti’s routine check-up, but if you notice your car pulling to one side or you have a crooked steering wheel, call K3S Auto Repair to set up an appointment. Our auto mechanics are specialists in all aspects of Infiniti cars, so you can depend on us for comprehensive and professional Infiniti alignment in Dallas, TX. To schedule a time that is convenient for you, contact our auto repair shop at (817) 554-3183.

Signs Your Nissan Needs Alignment Service

Your Infiniti pulling to one side or having a crooked steering wheel are common signs you need alignment service, but there are other signs that indicate you need alignment service for your car.

  • Shifting to One Side: This is less severe than your car pulling to one side, but your car will drift to one side or another if your car’s alignment is off.
  • Wear on Tires Is Uneven: Another common sign is that one side of your Infiniti’s tires has more wear than the other tires. This is because one side is working harder than the other.
  • Vibrating Wheel: Because the alignment of the car is off, it can cause the steering wheel to vibrate.

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When you want high-quality service at a competitive price, look no further than K3S Auto Repair. With our team of expertly trained and skilled mechanics, as well as our use of innovative tools and parts, we are able to get your car’s alignment back to the way it was with our superior Infiniti services. For excellent auto mechanics, you can trust, contact our team today at (817) 554-3183. We will always go the extra mile to enure your Infiniti performs at it’s highest capacity.