Jeep Brakes Repair

Brakes are the most important thing besides the engine in your car. Besides the car starting and running, it needs to stop! If you are hearing squealing, grinding, or it is taking longer than it should to completely stop, then you need brake repair. If you are experiencing any of the just-mentioned signs of brake failure, come into K3S Auto Repair in Dallas, TX and get new Jeep brake pads installed. Book an appointment with us at (817) 554-3183.

Jeep Brake Pads Repair

mechanic repairs brake pads of car

We Can Replace or Repair Your Jeep Brake Pads When You Bring Your Car In

Most of the time, bad brakes are easy to spot, either by seeing, hearing, or feeling the changes. Signs to look for with brake failure include:

  • Wobbling or vibrating in your steering wheel when you are driving. If you especially feel this when you brake and the steering wheel shakes violently, the brake rotor is uneven.
  • Just like the check engine light comes on your dashboard when something is amiss under the hood, the brake light will come on when your car senses something wrong with your braking system.
  • One of the scariest things that can happen is when your brake pedal pushes completely to the floor mat before fully coming to a stop. Air or moisture has entered in the braking system, causing your pedal to feel “spongey” and posing a serious threat, meaning that you need immediate service.
  • Just like with failing suspension, if you press on the brakes and your car does a nose dive instead of gently coming to a stop, your shock absorbers and brakes are duds and need to be replaced.

Affordable Jeep Brake Pads Repair Shop

When you bring your Jeep in for brake service, our auto repair professionals will perform intensive diagnostic tests and inspections to find out if only your brakes are damaged, or if other areas of your car are as well, like your shocks, suspension, or tires. The longer you go without brake pad repair, the more harm you do to your car, and the more costly your repairs will be. If you have any questions regarding your Dallas, TX Jeep brake pads repair or replacement services, call K3S Auto Repair at (817) 554-3183 today.