Jeep Check Engine Light

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We Can Perform a Diagnostics Test To Find Out Why Your Jeep Check Engine Light is On

It’s always a dreaded moment when your check engine light comes on in your car. A million expensive and dangerous causes seem to run through your head as to be what is the issue. Before you raise your blood pressure from all that unnecessary stress, know that most times, the check engine light comes on for as simple a reason as your gas cap has come unscrewed and just needs to be re-tightened! The check engine light should never be ignored, though. Sometimes, the issues are serious and it could be something wrong with your car’s engine like a clogged catalytic converter. If your Dallas, TX Jeep check engine light has come on, bring your car into K3S Auto Repair for a free diagnostic and code check, or call us at (817) 554-3183 to schedule an appointment for repair.

What Could Have Caused Your Jeep Check Engine Light To Come On?

If your check engine light has come on in your car, something is broken or loose. Oftentimes, these are very cheap repairs that can be performed by the owner. The longer the Jeep check engine light is ignored, the more damage is done and the more costly your repair will be. You can find out what is wrong with your car by taking it in to an autoshop to have an engine diagnostic performed. Most of the time, these are free of charge, and mechanics will use an OBD code check sensor on your engine to inspect what is wrong and causing your check engine light to go off.

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  • The most common reason why check engine lights come on is when gas caps become loose or damaged, and then the car thinks there is a leak. The gas cap helps balance pressure in the fuel tank and prevents gas fumes from being released into the air.
  • If you are noticing reduced power in your car or reduced fuel economy, it could be because of your spark plugs and spark wires. Worn spark plugs cause clogged catalytic converters and damaged ignition coils.
  • The air filter or MAF could have sensed too much or too little air coming into the engine, which triggers the check engine light.
  • The catalytic converter protects the environment by converting carbon monoxide fumes produced by gasoline into breathable carbon dioxide. If your car’s temperature is high, releasing a lot of emissions, and having reduced performance and fuel economy, these are all signs of a failing catalytic converter.
  • Oxygen sensors measure the amount of unused oxygen in your vehicle’s exhaust system that hasn’t been burned. Damaged oxygen sensors burn more fuel than needed and cause damage to spark plugs and the catalytic converter.

Jeep Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repairs

The check engine light on your dashboard is an important tool designed to alert you when something is wrong. Cars are precious to their owners, so show that you care about them by getting them repaired at the first sign of damage. If your Dallas, TX Jeep check engine light has come on, the mechanics at K3S Auto Repair can inspect, diagnose, and repair whatever problem is wrong with your car. Call us at (817) 554-3183 to book an appointment today.