Jeep Engine Oil Leak Repair

While it might be easier to pretend not to see the dark puddles under your car or smell the burnt exhaust, leaving oil leaks untended can rack you up major repair expenses, as rubber hoses degrade and your engine could completely fail or even catch fire. Oil is the lubrication that helps keeps all the gears inside your car from grinding together. The liquid also helps to cool down the overheating machinery, especially the most hardworking part of your car: the engine. If you notice that you have blue exhaust smoke or are having dark puddles under your car, you need to call K3S Auto Repair at (817) 554-3183 for Jeep oil leak repair in Dallas, TX.

oil is poured into oil drain cap

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Where Your Jeep Oil Leak Could Be Coming From

The most common places you will find oil leaking would be from where it is stored like the oil pans and filters. Since oil primarily lubricates the engine, you may notice a lot of leaking around your engine, the engine gasket, the cylinder head gasket, or engine block.

Oil Pans: The underside of the oil pan gets damaged and dented from road debris like rocks, causing the pan seal to loosen and oil to leak.
Oil Filters: Over time, oil filters become loose or misaligned.
Engine Gasket: This seal that joins two metal parts in the engine together, commonly breaks down and leaks oil. The oil creates a sludge in the gasket that eventually leaks out.
Oil Filler Cap: If this cap becomes worn or loosened, oil spills out and will continue to even when the car isn’t running.
Oil Drain Plug: Since it is located near the bottom of the oil pan, the oil drain plug too gets damaged from debris in the road. If you see fresh oil around the plug or oil dripping from it, this is an indication that there is a leak.

Get Jeep Oil Leak Repair Today

Sometimes it is more cost effective to replace your car than to repair it. For example, if the cause of your Jeep oil leak is a cracked engine block, this repair is oftentimes more expensive than what your car is worth. Before you make any decisions, get an expert diagnosis and opinion by bringing your Jeep into the professional auto mechanics at K3S Auto Repair. We have the best skills and equipment to handle your Jeep oil leak repair needs in Dallas, TX, so give us a call at (817) 554-3183 today.