Jeep Suspension

Have you ever been driving fast and feel the car start to sway, drift, or pull a little? That is because your car’s wheels are spinning so fast on the highway that they cannot gain any traction. And believe it or not, highways are not completely flat; they have tiny warps and imperfections that follow gravity. A car suspension helps tires gain friction on the road to prevent dangerous situations like sliding, hydroplaning, and rollover, allowing the driver to have more control over the car. Even a pothole or a rock in the road can affect your suspension. If you feel like your car is not getting good friction, bring it down to K3S Auto Repair for Jeep suspension repair in Dallas, TX or call us at (817) 554-3183 to set up an appointment.

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Signs You Need Jeep Suspension Repair

Your driving experience should be smooth, so if your steering wheel or steering column is shaking or vibrating, these are signs of suspension failure. Just like the name suggests, suspension protects your Jeep from bottoming out when you drive over something, so if your undercarriage hits the road, you need to bring your Jeep in for repairs. Another uncomfortable sign of suspension damage are rough rides, where every bump in the road causes the car to bounce.

Shocks are a key component in your Jeep suspension system. Shocks help gravity stop your car from lurching forward when you brake. Without functioning shocks, your car dips in a nose dive, and it takes up to 20 percent longer for your car to fully stop.

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A simple way to test if your Jeep suspension has gone bad is by performing quick test. With your car in park, press down on the hood of your car with your weight and bounce it a few times. If the car bounces more than 2 or 3 times after you release it, this is a clear indication that your suspension has worn out and that you need repairs. You can get Jeep suspension repair or upgrades in Dallas, TX from the expert mechanics at K3S Auto Repair. We specialize in luxury cars and can fix yours in no time when you call us at (817) 554-3183 to schedule an appointment.