Porsche Service & Repair in Dallas, TX

Porsches have long been considered one of the greatest makes in the world. If you own one, you’re well aware of their superiority, and that they are significant investments. Such an incredible piece of machinery deserves only the best service by professionals who know cars and who, more specifically, know Porsches. Our mechanics provide more than just auto repairs; they provide you with personalized service, tailored to your individual vehicle. They are auto repair experts who specialize in the best-made cars like those manufactured by Porsche. Bring your car into K3S Auto Repair today for Porsche service in Dallas, TX. Make an appointment online, or call (817) 554-3183.

Porsche Services in Dallas, TX

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Superior Porsche Services in Dallas, TX

Service from mechanics who know Porsche cars ensures that your vehicle continues running smoothly can retain its value for as long as you own it. Service quality is just as important. Our mechanics have it all–the experience, skills, knowledge, and care that your Porsche needs from its mechanic. We also use the best parts and methods for all repairs.

There are no limits to the necessary services we perform on your Porsche. We will do even the small, but necessary tasks, like your routine oil change. Our Porsche service mechanics will stick to your maintenance schedule, and will even work with you to develop a personalized maintenance routine to suit your car, your schedule, and you. We will replace your oil filter, refill your engine oil, and all that job entails.

From small jobs to big ones, our Porsche experts will inspect and repair major components that your car needs to stay safe, and handle well on the road, like your brakes. We inspect your brake pads and brake sensor. When it’s time to consider replacements, we will repair or replace your Porsche brake pads. We will make sure that your wheel alignment keeps you moving straight on the road, and the wear on your tires even. Your suspension is also important to us. Our auto repair specialists know how to make sure that your Porsche’s suspension is at its best, so that your car’s maneuverability is always smooth. We can even rebuild your transmission, or simply repair it, when necessary.

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We love Porsches, and we will do whatever is necessary to maintain yours so that it’s with you for as many years as you want it. Let us keep your most prized possession on the road. Book your Porsche service appointment online, or call us at (817) 554-3183 for Porsche services in Dallas, TX today.

  • Porsche Air Conditioner Repair & Porsche Heater Repair: Your Porsche air conditioner and heater are important parts of your car’s comforts Maintain the luxury of your Porsche and bring your car in to us for AC and heater repair. We’ll keep you in comfort.
  • Porsche Alignment: Bad Porsche alignment means wear on your tires and suspension. If your Porsche steering wheel is pulling, bring it in now. We will adjust your alignment for a better, smoother ride.
  • Porsche Brake Repair Shop: Your Porsche brake pads are possibly the most important safety features on your car. Never be without the best Porsche brakes. Come in for brake repairs and replacements today.
  • Porsche Check Engine Light: When your Porsche check engine light comes on, don’t ignore it. A lit check engine light could mean anything. Bring your Porsche in to us and let us find out why.
  • Porsche Oil Leak Repairs: If that wet spot under your car is engine oil, bring your Porsche to us. We will repair your Porsche oil leak, and any other engine oil services you need.
  • Porsche Repair / Mechanic: Don’t entrust your Porsche to just any mechanic. Our mechanics are experts in Porsche service repairs. We specialize in auto repair services.
  • Porsche Suspension Upgrades & Repair: Your Porsche’s suspension needs to be in good condition for that smooth ride. Let us repair and upgrade your Porsche suspension system for the best driving experience of your life.
  • Porsche Transmission Replacement / Rebuild: Is your Porsche transmission making odd sounds? It may be time to repair, replace, or rebuild your Porsche transmission system. We can do all this for you.