Porsche Transmission

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Protect Your Porsche Transmission.

Your Porsche transmission maintenance is essential for your car’s performance. All of the tasks involved in transmission care should be priorities in your Porsche maintenance schedule. You should never ignore transmission troubles if you think you have them; you should take your car into an auto shop immediately. Your Porsche transmission deserves the best possible care from mechanics who know auto care. Whether you need transmission checks, repairs, or you need your Porsche transmission rebuilt, come to K3S Auto Repair. Our Porsche specialists will handle your needs needs in Dallas, TX. Just call us at (817) 554-3183, or make an appointment online.

Porshe Transmission Replacement

Your transmission is more than your gear shift. It’s a system of parts that must move well together so that your car can get into the right gear and go. Transmission fluid ensures that those parts move. Over time, that fluid breaks down, and so it’s recommended that your Porsche transmission fluid be replaced after a certain number of miles. Before those scheduled replacements, your Porsche mechanic will check your transmission fluid and overall system to make sure that it’s performing as it should.

Regular Transmission Services

There are some lifetime transmission fluids available, but the name can be misleading. There will eventually come a time when the fluid will need to be changed; usually after 100k miles. Even if you have this oil in your car, have your mechanic check your transmission fluid. Your system should always be checked during regular maintenance. If there are any strange sensations when you shift, you should have your transmission inspected then, too. Any odd vibrations, sounds, or struggles to shift should be investigated immediately. Leaving them alone could mean more expensive Porsche repairs later.

Professional Porsche Transmission Repair

When it comes time to have your transmission checked, whether it’s routine, or because you have a problem, bring your Porsche in to the auto repair experts at K3S Auto Repair. Our auto mechanics know Porsche repairs. We love cars like yours, and want to keep them on the road and safe as long as possible. So, let us handle all your Porsche services in Dallas, TX. Call (817) 554-3183 today, or book your service appointment online.