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K3S Auto Repair is serving the owners of cars in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas now. If you’re in need of auto services and repair for your vehicle, look no further. We love cars like yours, and we go above and beyond to keep them in the absolute best condition. We accomplish this with the best equipment, and for great prices, too. You don’t have to worry over costly repairs for your car at any time in its life. Just contact us today by calling (817) 554-3183, or come into the shop at:

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11038 Grissom Lane
Dallas, TX 75229
(817) 554-3183

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Don’t waste anymore time searching for the perfect auto repair shop. No matter what automotive service you need, we can handle it. More importantly, we care about your car and your satisfaction. We develop relationships with our clients so that you’ll trust us enough to continue coming back, so that we can continue having opportunities to work on your baby. We want to be with you throughout the life of your car. We’ll perform all of your preventative auto maintenance, oil changes, engine repair, transmission repair, and beyond. Trust our car specialists and contact K3S Auto Repair today at (817) 554-3183 for complete luxury car service in the Dallas, TX area.