Hummer maintenance and parts


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There are multiple things to consider when we talk about vehicle maintenance. Some people follow a very strict maintenance schedule, while others only consider maintenance when something goes wrong in the vehicle.

The Hummer H1, is owned by individuals who are passionate about this type of car. Owning it is more or less like a hobby. Owning a Hummer, however, comes not only with a high cost but also maintenance, operational, and restoration costs. In order to maintain a Hummer, it is required to keep a balance, not go too over the top, and not wait till a problem occurs.

Owning a Hummer

If you are considering buying a Hummer H1, keep in mind that it is a hefty bargain. Whatever the reason you may want to invest in such a high maintenance vehicle, here are some things to consider before you do:

  • Even if you can afford a Hummer, will you be able to afford all the additional causes that may arise in the future? As you could end up spending as much as the original cost on accessories and parts needed to restore a Hummer.
  • Will you be able to put in the physical work required for maintaining a Hummer? Most automotive tire shops are incapable of replacing Hummer tires due to their weight. Original Hummer tires could also cost you around $600 each! They also have a short road life, which is typical in military vehicles.
  • Do you have the required expertise, workplace, and tools needed to repair and maintain a Hummer? Even though Hummers are modern vehicles, they come with the same challenges that come with any other military vehicle.
  • Lastly, will you be able to put in the time and effort needed to restore or rebuild a Hummer, let alone maintain it? Compared to other SUVs, Hummers require high maintenance as their diagnosis, repair, and service are very different from other similar vehicles like jeeps and SUVs.

Routine Maintenance

If you ticked all the points above and are ready to acquire your new warrior vehicle, there are some standards on/off-road routine maintenance that you should follow.

  • Regular oil change
  • Greasing the joints
  • Checking tire pressure and maintaining it
  • Check tire wear and tear
  • Regular cosmetic care
  • Maintaining the gearbox and brake
  • Checking radiator fluid levels
  • Checking air filters every 3-6 months

In Conclusion

A Hummer will give you a good couple of years before requiring any sort of heavy-duty maintenance. Light bulbs, calipers, brakes, rotors, wheel bearings, u-joints, and driving axles are the parts that normally wear out. It also depends on how you drive the vehicle to determine which parts will require maintenance or replacement.

Most good mechanics or any military-trained veteran who has worked on HMMWVs could take a quick look and see which parts might need to be replaced.

We here at K3S Auto Repair specialize in the repair and maintenance of diesel-powered trucks and also have access to hard-to-find parts that you may not find in any other shops. Our highly professional and trained team will provide the best service to your Hummer, so go ahead and book an appointment or ask for an estimate online.