Tesla Model S Suspension Repair in Dallas


Image of Tesla Model S Suspension Repair in Dallas

If you have recently bought Tesla Model S in the Dallas area, then it's essential to learn about its unique Smart Air Suspension (SAS) system. Generally, air suspension is a method of shock absorption much needed to keep drivers safe on the road. It helps maintain control of the vehicle by managing friction between the road and the tires.

However, what makes the Tesla Model S suspension system unique is its smart technology. Featuring sensor-calibrated air suspension coupled with programming, drivers can adjust Tesla Model S suspension height based on location, speed, GPS, and driving conditions.

Tesla Model S suspension system smartly adapts to the physical location of the vehicle and its speed via software. However, drivers can also adjust the car's height using the vehicle's control panel. The software automatically adjusts the car's height when it comes across a saved data point like a steep driveway, bumpy dirt road, or carwash.

Similarly, the car's height is automatically adjusted for different speeds to lower drag and ensure excellent ride stability. For example, the Smart Air Suspension system installed in Model S reduces height from very high to high if you're driving at 22 miles per hour and switches from high to standard at 35 miles per hour. Furthermore, the height settings are low, standard, high, and very high, with a range of about 5 to 7 inches.

Signs that Indicate Problems with Tesla Model S Suspension

Though Smart Air Suspension is an excellent feature, there are specific problems that Tesla Model S owners complain about. When the suspension system doesn't work correctly, it can lead to instability and put your safety at risk. Therefore, it is important to look for signs of repair issues. These include:

Air Leaks

Air may start to leak when the struts of the suspension wear out. However, it can translate into a costly affair if the bellows completely deflate. Therefore, it is vital to seek repair services fast to save time and money.

Hissing and Grinding Sound

If there is a problem in the airlines, you will begin to hear odd and loud hissing and grinding sounds from the compressor. Before the components deteriorate and fail, it is best to go to the auto repair shop.

Other signs of suspension problems are uneven distances between wheel wells and wheels and the time it takes for your vehicle to rise and go low.

If you experience any of these issues, visit the K3S auto repair shop in Dallas immediately! We have a team of ASE-certified mechanics experienced in all repairs, including Smart Air Suspension problems. Get your Tesla Model S suspension checked and repaired by our expert today and ensure it operates at its optimal level.