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Top Signs That Your Car Needs an Engine Repair in Dallas, TX

Cars and trucks have become more technologically advanced nowadays. However, this doesn’t mean that your vehicle doesn’t need routine maintenance. Routine maintenance of any vehicle, no matter how advance it may be, is crucial to ensure its long life and avoid major and costly problems.

It is important to pay attention to what your ride is telling you. Here are the top signs your car or truck may give you when it’s time for an engine repair in Dallas, TX. Take a look:

  • • Knocking Noise From Under the Hood

    If the knocking noise comes from under the hood, it’s time to replace the engine bearings on which many moving parts of the engine rest. Hence, when they seize, you will need a massive engine repair.

  • • Uncontrollable Exhaust Smoke

    Another sign for auto repair is the increased amount of colored exhaust smoke. The color of the smoke tells what may be wrong with the car. Such as black smoke indicates too much gas in the combustion chamber, blue smoke means burning oil, so you may require an oil change, and white smoke indicates coolant leakage inside your engine.

  • • Rough Idle

    If your car sputters when driving or on idle, there might be some engine problem. Get it checked by your auto mechanics.

  • • Fluid leaks

    If you notice fluid leaks, your vehicle may need an engine repair in Dallas, TX. It is vital to understand that nothing should ever leak from your vehicle. Fluid leakage is indicative of a major if not addressed promptly.

    This is why visit our auto repair shop right away. At K3S Auto Repair, we have ASE-certified mechanics who can diagnose all problems and perform repairs to your complete satisfaction. We repair, and service all makes and models of cars and trucks.

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